Minecraft? But why?!

01. 21. 2023

Minecraft? But why?!

You all probably played games when you were young, and I'm sure you still do. Some of the most popular games that you will think of when we talk about are the ones you played as a child. GTA San Andreas and Hitman were three of the most popular games, breaking records for selling copies.

Minecraft, a survival game that almost everyone has played since its release on 17 May 2009 is a very old one. This game is very entertaining and enjoyable. In 2021, developers are still trying to make a game that is as detailed and enjoyable as Minecraft.

Mojang Studios, a Swedish game developer, made Minecraft a sandbox game after a few tweaks and testing. The game was created by Markus “Notch”, Person in Java programming language. The new multiplayer Minecraft version was released on the 18th of November 2011. The multiplayer version saw a huge increase in sales shortly after its release. Their revenue in 2011 was $211 million and 9 million copies were sold. In 2021, their sales grew from 9 million to 33,000,000.

Why is the game so popular?

Let's find out what made this game so beloved in such a short amount of time, and how it affected the gaming community.

Mechanism and physics that are realistic

Minecraft's incredibly realistic physics and mechanics were a major reason it was so popular. The game shows exactly what a real person would do in order to survive on an island.

The game begins with Steve, the player. He is spawned at random locations in the world. Next, he explores the world to survive and defeat the boss (i.e. (ender dragon). The entire experience includes cooking, hunting, building a home, making weapons and fighting mobs to survive at night. These things make the experience more real and enjoyable.

The game was popular with kids because it was accessible on all platforms by 2011. It took a lot of work by the company to make this game.


We have already mentioned that the Minecraft multiplayer edition made a significant contribution to the gaming community. Famous streamers such as Quackity, tommyinnit and dreamwastaken contributed greatly to the creation of Minecraft servers. How can you find the best Minecraft multiplayer servers? Here's how to find the best Minecraft multiplayer server.

The best platform from which you can find the best Minecraft Servers is the Minecraft server list. The most visited Minecraft servers in the world can be viewed here. It's likely that you have heard about your friends playing Minecraft multiplayer. There are several categories that you can choose from on this server depending on your preferences.

Minecraft Servers pings each server often to make sure that they are online and ready to play. Since 2010, more than 470,000 Minecraft Servers were monitored. The website offers several categories that allow users to search for servers according the platform they are using. You can choose from Java and Vanilla editions. This site also allows you to create your server and submit a submission. You have a chance of being on the top servers if your server is interesting and fun.

These are some of the most recognizable and popular server categories that have been played around the globe.

Hunger Games: You must survive among others to win this game mode. Only the last person standing will be declared the winner.

Pixelmon Servers: This game mode consists of more than 200 pokemon, which you can find and fight with other players. With a 3D pokeball, you can capture and even view their specialties.

Factions Servers: This is a type of MMO game in which players can form guilds/clan/factions with friends and fellow players. There are even options that allow players to choose their preferred style. You can choose between good and evil, light or dark, and many other options.

Shops and a game to streamers

If a game is multiplayer, there must be competition among players to determine who is the best. Minecraft introduced the ability to buy and equip skins to make it stand out among the other players. Capes were not limited to outfits. They became very popular because people found them fun and interesting.

Some streamers began to run speed runs after the game became famous. Soon after, this became a popular trend. This trend was also popularized by Cizzorz and Tfue, who are well-known streamers.

Minecraft introduced mods in 2010 which was a huge success. Mods were open to all players. This allowed them to have more reasons to play the game. You can also find them on Google. Try it out for yourself and you will be hooked.

The best game for children

Minecraft allows kids to have fun and engage in creative activities. This helps them solve problems and overcome obstacles. This game offers a wealth of information that children can benefit from. You can learn about the names of the different types of ores and how they are made. Also, you can learn about lapis lazuli and what it is used for.

There is also a chance that they might become interested in coding. They can program mods and other things with coding. They can also use this skill to start their own career.

Last words

I've played Minecraft for hours, and have learned so much from it. This is one the greatest games ever made in gaming history.