Minecraft dungeons Blacksmith guide

01. 08. 2023

Minecraft dungeons Blacksmith guide

When Minecraft Dungeons was first released, the blacksmith was the main merchant. There are now several merchants and the blacksmith can play different roles in Minecraft Dungeons. This is thanks to numerous updates and DLC releases. The blacksmith, which players can still unlock as a merchant, is still extremely important.

The blacksmith will be obtained naturally as players progress through the game. However, they can pointly try to rescue him to speed things up a bit. Here's how you can get the blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons.

Complete guide to Minecraft Dungeons: Blacksmith

The Blacksmith can now be found in the Redstone mines. The Creeping Winter update to Minecraft Dungeons has made it impossible to unlock the Blacksmith, which is basically a villager, by completing Creeper Woods. This was originally the way to save the blacksmith and send him back to camp.

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Redstone Mines will be required for players to complete the level. The Blacksmith will not be found at the start or near it. The Blacksmith will be found in the cage just to the right of exit. Players who miss the Blacksmith will have to redo the entire level.

Minecraft Dungeons players simply need to interact with the cage in order to unlock the Blacksmith merchant. He will then appear in the camp.

The Blacksmith is still a very important merchant in Minecraft Dungeons. He will upgrade your items.

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Players must pay the Blacksmith with Jewels to upgrade an item. The price will increase as the item's power increases. It's not cheap, as the minimum price is 80 emeralds.

Although the Blacksmith merchant can also sell items, his primary and most important role is to upgrade them. He also sells items for the emeralds, which are the in-game currency of everyone except the Piglin Merchant.