Phantom membrane uses in Minecraft ?

01. 04. 2023

Phantom membrane uses in Minecraft ?

The most terrifying mobs in Minecraft are those that fall under the “undead mobs” category. The undead mobs can be either zombies or husks. They are loud and furious with their growls and snarls, or skeletons that creak, crack, and bow.

One undead mob is more frightening than the others and can only appear if certain criteria are met. This is the phantom.

Phantoms are frightening mobs that can fly. They only appear if a player hasn't slept or died in-game for at least three days. This is approximately one hour of real time.

Phantoms are always hostile, and will attack players whenever they see them. Phantoms drop a phantom membrane when they are killed. This is a substance that looks similar to leather

Two uses for phantom membranes in the game are listed below:

1) Repairing the Elytra

The Elytra is one the most valuable and mysterious items in Minecraft. It's the name of a pair or wings that allows players to fly legally.

Elytras can be found in the End dimension depths, on endships located on the dimension's outer islands.

The elytra loses durability points every time a player uses it. It is difficult to find an equivalent elytra in survival mode. Therefore, it is better to repair the elytra.

You can do this using the phantom membrane. A phantom membrane, when used in conjunction with elytra within an anvil can restore 25% durability. You can stack membranes until your elytra is fully durable.

2) Brewing

The brewing ingredient for a particular potion is called a slow-falling potions, and phantom membranes can be used to make it. This requires that the player first create an incontinence potion. Then they can combine it with a Phantom membrane to make a slow-falling potion.

This is a significant benefit to the phantom membrane as the potion slow falling is an extremely effective potion to use in the game.

A slow falling potion causes a player to fall slowly when they consume it. This potion does not cause any fall damage, and is useful for those who want to escape from a pursuer or climb a steep cliff.

Players can create a potion that slows down by using a phantom membrane. It lasts for one minute and thirty seconds. Players can increase the duration of slow falling by adding redstone (except for when they use ender pearls) to 1:30 to 4 minutes.

A gift from a pet cat is another way to get a phantom membrane. If cats are tamed, there is a 70% chance that they will bring gifts to their owners. It is possible for the gift to contain a phantom membrane, but it is very unlikely (32.22%).